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Microsoft funds development of low cost internet solutions by partners, pays up to $75,000


' Affordable Access Initiative, announced today the funding of companies in undeveloped markets in an effort of providing affordable internet access.


Microsoft and its Affordable Access Initiative, is looking to invest up to $75,000 to participating companies, as well as free software and services, and the opportunity to take part in a program offered by Microsoft that will enable them to connect with other grant recipients and potential funders.

The funding is an effort that is part of Microsoft's Access Initiative, which invests in developing low cost internet solutions, cloud based services, and business models that aim to reduce the cost of internet access making it affordable for people to use.

Businesses that are eligible and are interested in taking part in the program can sign up on this webpage from Microsoft. The deadline for submitting your application is January 15, 2016.

Projects Under Microsoft's Affordable Access Initiative

In the quest of creating affordable connectivity for people in undeveloped countries, Microsoft's Affordable Access Initiative has teamed up with Internet access providers as well as other public and private sector companies on innovative and practical connectivity solutions.

Two of these projects, are Microsoft's Deployment of TV white spaces technology and Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative.  

Microsoft's Deployment of TV white spaces technology focuses on enabling consumers to connect on an increasing range of connected devices with the majority relying on wireless technology, the goal is for consumers to gain access anywhere from schools in a remote village to teachers in the capital.

As for Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative, this is an idea that focuses on assisting every African that has a great idea for a business or an application to turn it into a reality. This Initiative is built on the belief that technology can accelerate growth in Africa.

Source: Microsoft Research, Microsoft

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