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Xbox One update is now available worldwide


According to users, the console has been running quite slowly on certain apps or even on . As of today has brought out a new update, the NXOE, that will get rid of the old problems.

An update has come out today for all Xbox One consoles worldwide that will present a new dashboard, faster, and backwards compatibility that will enable you to use games.

What the new update also brings is the single guide, which will always be available when you tap the Xbox symbol on your controller.

The new update will be available worldwide, the process began at 12:01 am PT, although many of the users will not find the update available yet for their console, don't panic, since this is mainly due to time zones and your Xbox One settings.

Get the update started

In order to start the update there are certain steps that you need to follow in order to complete the task and to receive your new and improved update.

To get started you need go to settings on your console, then system where it will check for updates and prompt to download, once this is complete your console is set for the new features of the Xbox One.

On the other hand some users may use the instant on power mode, therefore the download will start automatically while on standby, and once it is turned on the installation process will begin.

In case you do not want to update to the interface, Microsoft has announced that it will make it mandatory as of November 23rd.

Source: Major Nelson via The Verge

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