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Mistake or Leak? Minecraft Wii U Edition appears on PEGI


Wii U Edition is coming out today November the 12th, and hours before Direct is announced, this appearance on the PEGI website has raised speculations on whether Ninendo is intending on getting the game.

Minecraft Wii U Edition has appeared on the PEGI website, which is Europe's game content ratings association. Nintendo Wii appears on the site's rating next to the system category, and this has brought out many different speculations.

This could have been either a database error on behalf of PEGI, or it´s a just a coincidence that it comes out just before Nintendo´s announcement of the mostly anticipated Nintendo Direct. Although owns Minecraft, they still distribute it to many rival console companies such as Sony's Playstation.

Just a Coincidence?

According to the timing that this has occured on the PEGI website many speculate that it might be just an error on the database or maybe just a coinsidence. So far there is alot of speculation on the internet and it still remains a question.


Last September, Microsoft spent $2.5billion to purchase Mojang and Minecraft, this made it one of the largest acquisitions in gaming history which found astounded many game's fans.

Microsoft has invested heavily on Minecraft, in which the fans reach to the millions world wide, not only is it beneficial for the company's Xbox console, but it also reaches out to other platforms such as games on and tablets.

Minecraft is also used to attract younger users on Windows phone and tablet, a target market that is highly engaged in the game itself.

Source: Wired

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