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Microsoft Working On “Clip”, A Cortana Integrated Wearable


is planning to get into the hearables segment with a dedicated device dubbed as “Clip”. According to sources the device which is under development is aimed at busy women.

Several prototypes for the Cortana wearable will be ready by the end of 2015, but chances are, we won't get a complete version until 2016. Microsoft is currently engaged in researching on how people would use this device to hear messages and to interact with Cortana.

For instance, one use case of this wearable could be instant smart reminders for parents about their kids and other stuff.

A Device For All Voice Assistants, Not Only Cortana

As for design, there are still no clues what this wearable will look like. Whether it will sit as an earbud like Moto Hint, or would take the form of a clip-on smart earring or a piece of jewellery. Although, the good part is, it won't be locked to devices and could even work with Siri and Voice on iPhones and devices.


Cortana Integration for workout reminders and guided training is already on Microsoft Band 2. But, its fitness tracker, and Microsoft seems more interested in those that can be worn around the body.

In the hearables segment, devices like Moto Hint and Bragi Dash have been getting a lot of attention with a slew of uses ranging from smart home to meticulous fitness tracking. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft gets a heads up in this category.

Source: Wareable

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