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Valve: Windows 10 Adoption On Steam Increases To 27%


has revealed that more than one in every four gamers on is using the latest operating system from Windows. Despite an overall growth slowdown, more than 25% of Steam users have embraced .

In the very first month, the adoption of Windows 10 on Steam surpassed Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Max OS X, and . And, after a couple of months, its went above Windows 8.1, leaving at the topmost position.

The market share for different operating systems on Steam
  • Windows 10: 27.64 percent
  • Windows 8.1: 18.06 percent
  • Windows 8: 2.46 percent
  • Windows 7: 44.42 percent
  • Windows Vista: 0.52 percent
  • Windows XP: 2.24 percent
  • Mac OS X: 3.54 percent
  • Linux: 0.98 percent

According to the Survey, Windows 10 won't be surpassing Windows 7 this year. The gap between the is quite large, but eventually, it would decrease in coming months.

That's mainly because the adoption of other iterations of Windows is declining, meaning Window 10 is gaining more than what Windows 7 is losing.

Windows 10 Adoption On Steam october 2015

Growth in Windows 10, Mac and Linux 

From September to October, Windows 10 had a small yet significant jump 2.77 percent from 24.87% to 27.64. However Windows 8.1 dropped by 1.02 percent points from 19.08% to 18.06%, Windows 8 dropped by 0.17 points from 2.64% to 2.46%, and Windows 7 got slipped by 1.57 points from 45.99% to 44.42%. Windows Vista and XP also dropped down by 0.02 and 0.32 points.

Mac and Linux saw minor gains with 0.31 points and 0.04 points, but on whole, Windows clearly dominates Steam with a humongous share of 95%.

Source: STEAM

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