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Deal: Get 25% Off For GlassWire, The Firewall You Will Start To Love


GlassWire offers a 25% discount for all our readers. If you don´t know this software, check it out. Already the free version works so nicely that I recommend you to start using it.

Firewalls are that kind of software most of the people don’t understand. But with cybercrime on the rise, they are a crucial component of every Windows installation.

For beginners: Firewalls monitor and control the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules. That means, they protect your PCs from online-attacks and help you spot possible malware like trojans that might be sending out your data in a clandestine way.

Unlike other solutions, Glasswire makes actually fun. Its groundbreaking interface helps you understand what is really going on as alerts, graphs, menus and options are defined in an intuitive way.

Another smart factor is that GlassWire actually manages the Windows firewall through its API instead of replacing it. This keeps CPU usage down and puts you at no risk of bugs as the Windows firewall is tried and trusted by over a billion Windows users over many years.

GlassWire -Chrome access

All traffic will be categorized visually by Apps, Hosts and Traffic Type. A long-term history helps you spot breaches, attacks or risks by looking backwards. You also see which apps put heavy load on your internet connection.

GlassWire Internet + Bandwidth Usage Monitoring

And on top of it it has some features you will never get in similar solutions. Let´s just name three of them.

Who’s on your WiFi or Network? shows a list of devices on the network and alerts you when devices join or leave. With that feature GlassWire gives you full transparency who is surfing on your account and block hackers or sneaky freeriders like neighbors around your flat.

GlassWire whos_net_image

Webcam and Mic detection alerts you when an app with network access uses your webcam or mic. Nobody will be able to see you in your underwear without you knowing, hackers can´t use your microphone to record conversations at your place without you knowing.

GlassWire Webcam and Mic detection

Lock down mode blocks all network connectivity while you’re away. Why should your PC be online without you? GlassWire puts this feature at your fingertips.

GlassWire - Lock Down Mode

You definitely should test out the Free version of GlassWire. If you go for GlassWire Basic, Pro or Elite, you will get a 25% discount using the coupon code “winbuzzer” until November 15.

Here are the additional features of the paid versions. You might want to check out the GlassWire website to get a detailed overview about the product and each feature.

Glasswire basic pro elite

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus is the founder of WinBuzzer and has been playing with Windows and technology for more than 25 years. He is holding a Master´s degree in International Economics and previously worked as Lead Windows Expert for Softonic.com.