Cloudready Neverware official

Neverware has created a software program for turning old Windows and Mac PCs into Chromebooks. Dubbed as Cloudready, the new cloud-based operating system based on Chromium OS takes few minutes to revive any Windows-based computer.

Cloudready runs everything on Google’s online applications, and gives a whole new feel to an old PC without straining its hardware. The company promises to make old PCs faster and more efficient, and claims that Cloudready can make any computer that is less than eight years old, run like new again.

There is also a version for individual users, but basically, Cloudready has been designed for the benefit of schools. Different educational institutions can take advantage of additional tech-support and automatic updates at a cost of $25 for each machine for each year or $59 for a four-year license. Even the company says that Cloudready could add at least four years to the life of any computer.

As of now, 100 schools are accessing Neverware’s Cloudready premium service. Instead of spending fortune for replacing an old machine, schools can get Cloudready and revive their old-machine within few minutes.

Cloudready Neverware official

Jim Frye, the technology coordinator of Upper Sandusky E.V. School District, one of the budget-strapped schools embracing Cloudready said, “The district’s schools, which introduce their 1,800 students to computers beginning in kindergarten, have 650 laptops and desktops, 30% of which were aging. Cloudready has revived all of them.”

Similarly, Michele Cina, the IT head of the Susquehanna Community School District with 800 students in Pennsylvania said, “I bought Cloudready in April for five computers and it turned our eight-year-old machines into Chromebooks in five minutes,” Later she installed Cloudready on at least 100 computers of the school.

Neverware has raised $6 million in funding, and has established pilot programs in 10 countries, including Australia and Brazil.

Source: CNNMoneyNeverware