Windows  Build  custom settings wifi

Just days after Microsoft´s Terry Myerson has responded to Windows 10 privacy concerns, the company has added additional opt-out options for the setup routine.

The new settings appear during the installation process of latest Windows 10 Build 10558 and can also be accessed afterwards via Windows 10 Settings. You can now turn off the automatic connection to suggested Wi-Fi hotspots and peer-to-peer sharing of Windows Updates.

During installation you can select Customize Settings to find those extra-toggles.

Windows 10 Build 10558 custom settings

The first option adresses Wi-Fi settings and can be found later via Settings>Manage Wi-Fi Settings:

  • Automatically connect to suggested open hotspots
  • Automatically connect to networks shared by your contacts
  • Automatically connect to hotspots temporarily to see if paid Wi-Fi services are available
  • Send error and diagnostic information to Microsoft

Windows 10 Build 10558 custom settings wifi

The second one is buried deeply in Settings>Update & Security>Windows Update>Advanced Options>Choose how updates are delivered where you now can deactivate peer-to-peer update sharing with a new toggle:

  • Get updates from and send updates to other PCs on the Internet to speed up app and Windows update downloads.

Windows 10 Build 10558 custom settings peer to peer updates