Home Team App official microsoft garage

The latest app from the Microsoft Garage helps collecting data about local repairmen and other service professionals from friends and colleagues. It connects with friends from Facebook and allows to join a work network to share recommendations.

Microsoft´s Home Team App is now available for Windows Phone and can be downloaded from the Windows Store.

Home Team App official microsoft garage

In the release blog-post, the company stresses the importance of personal recommendations when it comes to local service providers.

“Instead of relying on reviews from strangers, Home Team helps you find the best local contractors and repairmen that already come with a stamp of approval.

And by joining networks applicable to you, you can also share the information of your service professionals with your friends and other people you trust.”

Home Team App Microsoft Garage

The key features as listed by Microsoft are:

  • “Manage your team. Home Team will help you to centralize and manage your “team” of service providers so you don’t have to dig through your contacts for that electrician you used two years ago.
  • Get recommendations. Directly connect with people you trust to share valuable recommendations for a lawn care specialist, auto mechanic, or fishmonger!
  • Share with co-workers. Join a work network to seek out and share the best tax accountant, financial advisor, etc. with your colleagues!”

Microsoft did not mention if they plan to launch versions for Android or iOS. Like with any other project from the Microsoft Garage, this might depend on the receptions of users.

Source: Microsoft