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Microsoft´s Updated Bing Ads Editor 10.9 Brings Major Performance Boost


Version 10.9 of the Bing Ads Editor is now available. For the update, Microsoft has focused on performance improvements and promises 2-4 times more speed on key features.

According to the announcement from Prince Bajracharya on the official Blog, Bing Ads Editor 10.9 runs faster, and consumes significantly less system resources at the same time.

“For this latest release, our team worked hard on making Bing Ads Editor much faster and improved upon a number of common operations. Compared to previous versions of Editor, v10.9 offers the following improvements:

  • Displaying large accounts (example: 2 million keywords, 1million Ads) is more than 2x faster
  • Downloading large accounts (example: 2 million keywords, 1million Ads) is 30% faster
  • Switching between built-in views is 2x faster
  • Finding and replacing Ads is up to 4x faster
  • Switching between tabs is smoother”

Microsoft also promises reduced memory consumption by 70% in comparison to the previous version.

Some old features however have been removed, like WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) ads. Also, with the release of Bing Shopping Campaign, support for product ads, product ad extensions, and product targets in Bing Ads Editor has been stopped. So, if you need these features, you should not upgrade to version 10.9.

As Bing Shopping Campaigns are not yet supported in Bing Ads Editor, so far they can only be managed via the Web UI or API.

Present users of Bing Ads Editor will get an upgrade notice in the coming weeks. Early adopters can download Bing Ads Editor 10.9 here.

Source: Microsoft


Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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