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OneDrive for Business has a new sync client and updated mobile apps


has updated its OneDrive business cloud platform with tons of new features, including a next generation combined sync client. As announced on the Office 365 blog, a limited public preview phase begins today.

With this step the company continues to implement its roadmap for OneDrive for Business that was outlined on May at the annual Ignite conference.

The new features include a sync client, a new browser experience, new mobile app features, critical IT controls and extended developer options.

Single file size limit will be removed
NGSC preview adds OneDrive for Business connectivity to the consumer client. It is available for both PC and Mac, and offers reliability and selective sync.

The new client removes the sync limit of 20.000 files and single file size limit has been upped to 10GB for the preview period. Microsoft will remove the single file size limit, when preview period is over.

Organizations who want to test the preview can apply on a new website.

Expiration date for shared files and folders
There is a new tile view right along with the usual list view. Key actions such as preview, edit, share and delete are now located on the toolbar, but you can reach them by right clicking on a file or a folder.

Update enhances the sharing function too. When you share a file or a folder with someone, that person now can invite others from the same organization. Another new function allows to set an expiration date for the sharing link.

Android app gets offline support, iOS app is now easier to use
Offline file access is one of the best attributes of mobile cloud apps. Now, OneDrive for Business has it too. The feature will be available on the Android client first.

The updated iOS app allows user actions like share, move, delete and details with tap and hold finger on the name of the file. With PDF annotations, you now can draw, highlight and comment directly.

Extended control for security
New controls like an auding feature make sure your files are not shared or reached without permission. A feature for  limiting external domains your users can share with will added in the coming weeks

Source: Microsoft Office 365 Blog

Last Updated on July 6, 2016 12:21 am CEST

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