microsoft edge features windows  build

Insiders say two new features for Microsoft Edge have already made their way into Windows 10 Build 10551. Following the addition of “Tab Preview” feature, these two features will bring further enhancements to the Edge browser.

Two screenshots of Windows 10 Build 10551 got leaked online on chinese website ITHome. They show two coming  improvements of Microsoft´s Edge Browser.

The first feature is something very familiar for Google Chrome users: synchronized bookmarks. The new setting comes with Build number 10551, but is turned off by default.

microsoft edge features windows 10 build 10551

If it is the same thing as intended, Windows 10 Mobile and Desktop users will get an excellent ecosystem to access bookmarks seamlessly across different devices. But it’s still not clear whether searches and browsing history will also get synchronized, as it’s the case with Google Chrome.

The second feature involves the use of middle mouse button while opening Microsoft Edge from Start Menu, Taskbar, or Desktop. Each time when middle click is used to open Microsoft Edge, the browser launches in a separate window. It simplifies the process of opening a new windows through right click.

microsoft edge features windows 10 build 10551 2

These two features and Tab Previews were in the top requests via Windows Insider Feedback. The update clearly shows how the community feedback plays a significant role in bringing improvements in Windows 10 and its core apps.

But as of now, it’s still not clear, when these updates will roll out officially for public. Last week, Windows 10 Build 10550 didn’t showed up, and now it looks possible that the next update will bring at least two major improvements Microsoft Edge.

Source: Neowin, ITHome