Skype 6.4 Brings Support for Android Wear Devices

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is receiving the latest version 6.4 update which brings support for wear devices, and allows users to manage their conversations right from their smartwatches.

The long-overdue update brings support for several wear devices which primarily includes, Moto 360, LG Watch Urbane, Huawei Watch, and the ASUS ZenWatch. The key highlights of the update are:

  • Get messages right on your wrist
  • Instant responses
  • Easy management of audio and video calls

With the new update, you'll get instant notifications on your Android wear device as soon as your friend, family, or colleague pings you.

Along with instant notifications, you'll also get support to reply from your . You can use voice-to-text options, can select from a set of pre-written responses, or can even draw an emoji to wear android official microsoft 4

Call management also becomes easy with 6.4. You can accept incoming calls on your Android wear device by using microphones, headphones, or Bluetooth headset, or can reject them right from your wrist. The company added, “The update also hands off more in-call functionality to Android Wear, allowing users to mute, hang up, or pause and switch to another incoming call from their smartwatch.”

Back in April, Skype rolled out support for Apple Watch with a bunch of similar upgrades. The update brought several chatting and messaging features, and allowed users to reply from their Apple Watch by sending customized responses and starting personalized chat with favorite contacts.

If you're still using an older version of Skype, you can get the update by following this link to Google Play Store.

Source: Skype