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Microsoft has released its Invite app for iPhone users. The standalone app from company’s experimental “Garage” team simplifies the process of organizing and scheduling meeting, no matter which type of account the user holds.

In a blog post the company said, “The new app targets the biggest obstacle when scheduling meetings- not being able to see the calendars of attendees outside your organization,” Thus, the main aim of invite is to organize a meeting at a time that fits perfectly, not only with you but with all the attendees as well.

First up, you’ll have to select a list of suggested times that you can refer to anyone in your address book. Although Microsoft says the app works best with Office 365, yet you can pick contacts from other address books (Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook) as well.

Each person will receive an invite notification, and can select the best time for the concerned meeting. Following this, the organizer will select the best time which works for all, and will send out an official invitation for the meet.

Calendar integration

If the app is installed with the people you invite, they can add the finalized time to their calendar and can discuss about the meeting, directly through the app. It’s not mandatory, but is highly beneficial for attendees as well.

Microsoft’s Outlook App already has a “Send availability” feature for sharing potential meeting times, but the new Invite app eliminates the need of going back and forth to between the calendar and email message.

The Invite app is currently available only for iPhone users, but as Microsoft says, the Android and Windows Phone Version will also come “Soon.”

Source: Microsoft