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How Microsoft is Dehorting Bing Users from Downloading Rival Browsers


is dissuading users on Bing from downloading rival browsers and . If someone searches for any of these browsers, a warning message shows up.

“Microsoft recommends for Windows 10”, that´s what Microsoft tells Bing users on top of . Inside this message, major benefits of using Edge over its competitors show up with key features.

Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox all have something good and bad. But, talking about differences, Edge offers features for marking and sharing notes on web pages, while Chrome and Firefox support third party plugins and are compatible with several platforms.

They have incredible sync capabilities, and provide easy access to bookmarks across different devices as well.

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Edge until now is just limited to Windows 10, but its smooth performance and effective integration with Cortana is definitely an advantage over Chrome and other browsers.

Chrome´s dominant position

Several years back, Internet Explorer dominated global search-arena with more than 80% active users in US. But in last year few years, Google Chrome took over the game and eclipsed Internet Explorer in US and in all other parts of the world.

Google's sway overtook Internet explorer back in 2012 and players like Safari and Mozilla Firefox were also affected deeply by its dominating performance.

Microsoft's strategy of pushing Edge can play a major role in increasing its domination in the search market. Google has been offering perfect integration since years, but slight defections from Chrome to Edge can result in some serious traffic moving from Google towards Bing. Microsoft users taking advantage of Cortana will be using Bing more often.

As of now, it still remains to be seen, how many users will switch towards Microsoft Edge from Google Chrome. The new browser is definitely impressive, and has received a plethora of positive reviews as well.

Last Updated on July 6, 2016 12:10 am CEST

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