How To Disable Or Enable Log In Screen Background Picture In Windows   winbuzzer


The new sign in screen of Windows 10 uses the new Hero wallpaper as the  default background image. We show you how to use a simple color for the sign in screen instead.

The new Windows 10 Hero Wallpaper looks modern, but not everybody likes it. Luckily the Windows 10 log in screen background can be changed with a registry tweak.



Disabling / Enabling the Windows 10 log in screen background picture

With the REG-file below you can apply the setting with a double-click. It will switch the following registry key that will deactivate the login screen background picture.

To apply the change, you must be signed in with admin rights.

After that the default solid background color will be used instead. Just choose the color of your choice.


DisableLogonBackgroundImage DWORD

0 or delete = enable
1 = disable

1. Download custom REG file for enabling / disabling automatic closure of all tabs

Right click on the following links and choose Save link as… to download the custom REG files.


2. Double-click on REG-file to turn to enable / disable log in screen background picture

When prompted for confirmation by the Open File – Security Warning Dialog, select run. Before doing so you can check the REG-file with a text editor to see what it will do.

When prompted for confirmation by the User Account Control, select YES.