Making Microsoft Edge even faster: How to enable ASM.JS javascript support

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The final version of comes with ´s new Edge browser which is lightining fast. If you activate the hidden asm.js setting, Edge becomes even faster.

Asm.js a subset of Javascript which allows for incredible performance gains. Normal programming code in C can be automatically compiled to ASM.js and then run directly in .


 –> Unity WebGL Benchmark with asm.js: Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome 44 vs. Firefox 39


Massive ASM.JS benchmark 150

–>ASM.JS ONLY! Benchmarking ASM.JS JavaScript performance of Microsoft Edge vs.

Google Chrome 44 vs. Firefox 39


The version of Edge coming with Windows 10 has asm.js turned off as Microsoft is still working on a fully stable implementation. If want to enable asm.js on Microsoft Edge, you can do it in the hidden flags-settings.


1. Open the hidden developer settings menu

Type about:config or about:flags in the address bar. This opens the developer settings menu of Microsoft Edge.

Making Microsoft Edge even faster activate asm js javascript 2 winbuzzer


2. Enable asm.js in the JavaScript section

Scroll down to and Enable asm.js. You can also Enable experimental JavaScript features, which might also add a bit to performance. If you face any stability issues with Edge, you can easily deactivate those two options again.

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3. Restart Microsoft Edge Browser and enjoy