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How to Force Windows 10 to Search with Google: Changing The Taskbar Default Web Search



If you like to use as the default search engine in Edge, this tip is for you: You can get Google   directly from the , even with search suggestions.

Bad news: Windows 10 does not allow you to pick Google as the standard / default search for the Windows 10 Taskbar search field.
Good news: It does not matter!

As Windows 10 opens search results with the default browser, there is an easy workaround. You just have to switch to as your main browser of Windows 10 and then make it translate Bing search results into Google results. Thanks to some smart developers, this is very easy.


Microsoft Edge change default search to google thumb–> Microsoft Edge: How to change the default search engine to Google, DuckDuckGo or others



1. Install Google Chrome

If you do not have it, download Google Chrome and install it in Windows 10. Here you can already select it as the default browser of Windows 10.

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2. Set Google Chrome as default browser in Windows 10

If you had Chrome already installed, make sure to set it as the default browser in Windows 10. Type default browser in the Windows 10 task bar search field and select Choose a default web browser in the settings.

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3. Install an extension that redirects from Bing to Google

With Chrome as the default browser, Windows 10 search will now open search suggestion results in Google Chrome instead of the new browser. To switch from Bing to Google as Windows 10´s default search engine, you need to install one of the following extensions. Bing2Google does not work properly with some search results and search suggestions. If you have problems with it, try one of the other solutions.

Bing2Google – This extension redirects search queries from Bing Desktop to Google. This only works if Chrome is your default browser.
NoBing – Automatically redirects bing searches to results while earning you bing rewards! Bing homepage and non-search result pages of bing are still accessible.
Bing to Google Search – An extension that allows the user to quickly go from a bing search to a google search by pressing ‘Alt+Shift+G' on the search results page.
Google from Bing –  This extension redirects all searches on the Bing homepage (www.bing.com) to Google. You can search for a “new laptop” on Bing and that query will be searched for on Google.
Bingoo – This is a Google Chrome extension to automatically open Bing Map links in Google Maps.


4. Enjoy Google search results in the Windows 10 task bar search field

Now you can use Google as the default search engine of Windows 10. You can even use the search suggestions which still come from Bing. But when you click on one of those search suggestions, you also get related results directly from Google´s search per default.

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