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The Increased Earning Power of the PMI PMP Credential after Passing Your Exam with Dumps


The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, often called “the gold standard of project management certifications”, validates your competence of leading projects and teams efficiently.

One other main reason that makes the PMI PMP one of the most lucrative professional badges is its earning power as this certification opens the door to the world of better and higher earnings at a global level.

No matter to which part of the globe you belong, having the PMP by your side means a substantial salary hike. Discover how much you can earn with the PMP badge.

The Earning Power of PMP

Findings of a recent survey, conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI) state that a PMP holder earns 25% higher than his/her non-certified peer. The survey was conducted using the respondents from the United States and 36 other countries. The notable salary hike after the PMP credential in different regions was:

  • Brazil – 25%;
  • India – 36%;
  • USA – 25%;
  • Poland – 32%;

Along with the hike, they saw a huge difference in the median salary as well. A non-PMP certified professional usually makes $92,000 per year while a PMP-certified professional can earn $115,000 annually, according to the PMI.

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Salary vs. Struggle

The above data shows clearly how the PMI PMP Project Management Professional Certification can improve salary. But, all of this doesn't come without a struggle price to pay. Those who have earned the PMP badge may be relishing over good pay and other benefits right now. However, they had to put a lot of hard work and effort to study and pass the complex certification exam. The PMP test is a tough nut to crack.

How to limit preparation struggle

Though we can't eliminate the requirement to study for and participate in the exam,  there are ways to help you reduce the tough preparation phase make your certification journey easier. (Click Here to Visit The Link for Certbolt)

Here is what one can do to trim down his/her assessment:

  • Become a PMI member

Becoming a PMI member enables a candidate to gain free and secure access to the world's most reliable, updated, and precise PMP study resources. There is a whole bunch of professional curated study materials like handbooks, video , webinars, etc. Referring to these materials during your test preparation helps a candidate to grasp the right kind of knowledge and utilize the available time in the right manner.

  • Prepare using dumps

The next thing that can ease the struggle with the exam are accurate dumps that contain real-time questions of previous PMP tests (Download Here on This Website). The pattern of dumps is the same as the actual exam. Hence, a candidate becomes aware of what s/he going to face on D-day. In addition, dumps are a great help when it comes to learning time management and they also help polishing skills and discover weak areas. Reliable dumps that are available on various platforms on the internet contain professionally crafted solutions to all the questions. Hence, they are the most concise and precise way to learn the crux of the matter of your upcoming assessment. (View on Certbolt)


Earning the PMP will help you earning a better salary. However, it demands a lot of preparation and effort to reach this popular badge. To prepare efficiently, a candidate should access quality study materials including effective dumps for preparation. All the best! (View URL from Certbolt)

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