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Charms-Bar 2.0 coming? Rumors suggest Windows 9 will keep Charms-Bar, but with a new design


Recent reports suggested that Microsoft would ditch the controversial charms-bar they introduced with Windows 8. If you were one of those praising the presumed charms-bar removal in Windows 9, you need to cross-fingers until Microsoft's late september-event. Newest rumors now suggest that the charms-bar might not be removed but replaced with an improved version.

charms bar helps and tips app

Animation: Charms bar introduction in Help + Tips App

The rumor is currently played on Neowin's forum section by a veteran member with good connections. User +FaiKee mentions that the has heard of a “New Charm Bar” for Windows 9 which could get more functions.


While  a better charms bar definitely would be to the benefit of the users, many are still hoping Windows 9 will get an option to remove the disliked bar completely. According to The Verge the charms bar is missing on early builds of Windows 9, so is indeed working on the issue.

WIth Windows 9, the best option for all of us might be just choice, a flexible system where you decide if and how to use the charms-bar. While on tablets it might be of great benefit, on desktop systems the charms bar can definitely be annoying when it shows up when you least need it.

Microsoft could leave as a default on desktops just the keyboard option: Windows + C to fire the charms-bar up when needed. But yes, many users hate shortcuts and there are too many already.

Until we know more Neowin is cooking rumors. September 30th we will know if they were true…

What do you think about the “charms bar drama”, how Brad Sams from Neowin calls it? Leave us a comment below!


Last Updated on July 6, 2016 12:41 am CEST

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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