Rumors about a coming Windows 365 are making the rounds today and we also reported earlier on the case. New information suggests that while it might be true that Microsoft is working on a subscription based Windows, ‘Windows 365’ seems to be not much more than a creative idea from the mentioned MBA students.

ms[1]Dutch MBA students involved in the project

A blog article summarizing the visit of those MBA students  reveals that they came up with the name Windows 365 for a business idea.

“On April 14th, the IMBA Nyenrode 2014 batch had the exciting opportunity to visit the Microsoft office situated in Schiphol. We had the privilege to meet Gonnie Been, Manager Corporate Communications & Social Innovation Microsoft Netherlands BV.

The afternoon kicked off with six of our class members presenting their idea “Windows 365? to Gonnie and some of her colleagues. After that, Gonnie Been engaged us in a very insightful discussion where she shared her experiences, her views and her vision on various topics in a free flowing conversation.”

They also created this little slideshare presentation illustrating some key aspects of their idea about ‘Windows 365’.

Windows 365 / Nyenrode IMBA Presentation from Lu Chen