So you got your hands on a so called leak from the shady parts of the internet and people want to make you believe it’s Windows 8.1 Update 3, Windows 9 or even Windows 11. This is how you find out your Build number and the official product name in seconds.

Finding out the full Windows Build Number

Do a search for ntoskrnl.exe and click on Open file location.

find out windows build number3


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Right-click on ntoskrnl.exe and select Properties.

find out windows build number2

In Details you will find your full Window Build number.

find out windows build number

Finding out your Windows Version, Name and Edition and the short Windows Build Number

Just run the command winver in the search.

find out windows build number4

A Window pops up with your Windows Build Number in short form and additional information about edition and version.

find out windows build number 4