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2013 Brand Study: Microsoft outstrips Apple as top desirable handheld-brand in the US


A lot is being said about the difficult times of recently. The just announced mega-layoffs of historical size don't help a lot when it comes to Microsoft's brand perception. But how does Microsoft do from a consumer point of view?

The extensive Brand Desire 2013 study from the renowned people of M&C Saatchi hints to some interesting changes in the market and that things are not all that bad for Microsoft. At least in the USA as Microsoft's most important market, it's home-market.

In Brand Desire 2013, 20,000+ consumers of 3 countries (US, UK, Australia) have been asked about their perception of 678 brands. According to the authors this makes “Brand Desire the world's largest study into what creates and sustains desire for brands”.

In the section about most desireable handheld technology brands, and Samsung gain the top-positions which shouldn't be a surprise, especially for the case of Samsung who was able to establish an excellent reputation with splendid Android-hardware. Some might think there should be , the iCompany who reinvented the cult for technology. But the real surprise is Microsoft's score for the BDI (Brand Desire Index). In 2013 Microsoft outstripped Apple which saw a dramatic drop of 10% in comparison to the previous year.

Brand Desire 2013 - Top Handheld Techonology Brands USAImages: Brand Desire 2013 study, M&C Saatchi

With an increase of 9%, Microsoft is up nearly up the same than Apple is down. Are people getting tired or at least less fascinated about , iPad and Co? While tells a different story, by brand image the future of , Surface and might be brighter than exptected. In January GeekWire already reported that Microsoft as a brand is more trusted by consumers than Apple.

On a global scale however, the story still looks different. Apple claims the top position both in UK and Australia. It would be interesting to the brand image of other countries, but unfortunately this is all what Brand Desire 2013 has to offer.

Brand Desire 2013 - Top Handheld Techonology Brands UK

Brand Desire 2013 - Top Handheld Techonology Brands Australia





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Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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